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ELIT – トルコのスイーツ クルミ入りカダユフ 400g

Kadayuf is one of Turkey’s most famous sweets. It is especially famous in southeastern Türkiye. It is a moist and sweet traditional sweet that is baked fragrant and then soaked in syrup. The syrup penetrates well between the thread-like dough (terkadayuf), giving it a mysterious texture that is rare in Japan, with a crispy surface and a moist interior. There is a walnut aroma in the sweetness. Japanese people may find it too sweet, but please try it with tea or coffee. Terkadayuf – String dough can be used not only for desserts, but also for wrapping and frying shrimp, etc. Name Kadayif Cevizli (Tel Kadayif Cevizli) 15 pieces – 1kg Ingredients Flour, sugar, butter, walnuts, milk, eggs, lemon juice Contents 15 pieces (approx. 1000g) Best before date 10 days from manufacture Storage method Refrigeration required Temperature range below C [refrigerated]

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Kadayuf is one of the typical sweets of the Mediterranean region. The syrup is soaked between the thread-like dough (Tel Kadayif) , and the sweetness spreads with the aroma of walnuts.
In addition to desserts, Tel Kadayif can also be used in dishes such as fried shrimp wraps.

Box size: 2 types

Raw material name:
Flour, sugar, butter, walnuts, milk, eggs, lemon juice
Preservation method:
Requires refrigeration below 10℃
Shipping temperature:
[Refrigerated]    »Learn more about shipping methods and fees

expiration date:
10 days from manufacture
重さ500 g
サイズ19.5 × 15.5 × 5 cm



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