Shipping and Payment

1 – Shipping Charges

Hasel Foods uses Yu-Pack as our delivery agents.

Our products are categorized by temperature range : Dry -Room temperature- shipping【普通便(futuu)】,Refrigerated shipping【冷蔵便(reizou)】,Frozen shipping【冷凍便(reitou)】.

“Estimate Shipping and Tax” shows you a choice between Dry-Room temperature shipping and temperature control system. However, Refrigerated items or Frozen items must be delivered in chilled or frozen. It is due to the shopping cart system.

Your shipping cost and method is determined using the table below.

Please note :

* All price are listed in Japanese Yen and included tax
* We do our best to be eco-friendly. We mostly used recycled card boxes and newspaper for wrapping.

Zone table



Fare amount

Size 60Size 80Size 100Size 120Size 140Size 160Size 170
1st Zone843円1,072円1,299円1,547円1,785円2,003円2,350円
2nd Zone942円1,170円1,398円1,646円1,893円2,102円2,460円
3rd Zone1,072円1,279円1,518円1,755円2,003円2,212円2,569円
4th Zone1,269円1,486円1,714円1,964円2,202円2,420円2,777円
5th Zone
6th Zone
7th Zone
8th Zone
9th Zone1,319円1,587円1,855円2,112円2,381円2,589円2,975円
10th Zone
11th Zone


NormalOil, spices, canned foods,handmade cookies, etc
ColdElit Bakery:Handmade Sweets (baklava)Fresh Pastry Dough(Yufka).Fried Sigara Boregi・Cheese
FrozenHandmade bread,Gozlemelik Yufka-,Kadaiyf(Pastry Dough ),Uncooked Sigaraborek, Meet,FrozenBread, Butter

2 – Mixed and Combined Shipping

For mixed orders of chilled(or normal) and frozen items, we will usually ship frozen because it is the safest option. For items that cannot be shipped frozen (such as glass bottles), shipment will be made separately as frozen and normal.

3.FREE Basic Shipping Fee

We offer FREE Basic Shipping Fee for purchases over 15.000円 to any address.
However, when frozen and cold products are added, an extra 
fee is reflected in your order.

Add the following cold storage charge to the regular charge
Frozen, refrigerated

SizeSize 60Size 80Size 100Size 120Size 140Size 150
Refrigerated Delivery[Frozen or Chilled]+250円+399‬円+752円+752円+1,482‬円+2,348円

4 – Delivery Turnaround

  • Orders arriving by 3pm, Monday to Thursday, are usually shipped the following business day. Orders placed later on Thursday and Friday before 3pm, are usually shipped on Monday (or the following business day if Monday is a national holiday). Orders placed later on Friday, and over the weekend, will be shipped on Tuesday.
  • For orders paying by PayPal, items will be shipped after payment has been confirmed.
  • We will send you an email to confirm your order details, preferred delivery date and time.
  • It takes one day to delivery an order anywhere in Japan, except Kyushu, Hokkaido, Okinawa and other islands, which take an average of 2- 3 days.

*Please note that we may alter delivery dates depending on order processing issues, quantity of orders, stock issues and etc.
*Delivery delays may be unavoidable due to delivery location, weather and other unforeseeable circumstances.
*If you need a delivery urgently, please let us know when placing your order or contact us by phone (04)-2941-3730 or email (

5 – Payment Methods

  1. Credit Card Payments: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.  Please note that orders received after 3 pm will be reviewed the next business day.
  2. Cash on Delivery: There is a 330円 (tax included) COD charge. Upon receiving the delivery, please made total payment to the delivery agent.